Ski areas for beginners - wide and easy pistes!

The first time can be difficult - but it doesn't have to be. Those who are considering making their first moves on the piste will be tremendously relieved when finding the right conditions for them in the ski area. You can tell that a ski area is designed for beginners based on several different factors that should be present. Blue pistes are flat and usually wide, allowing for plenty of space to make your first turns during your ski holiday. A large selection of easy, blue pistes near the valley is optimal for beginners. Special, separated beginner areas provide for safety, especially for children. Magic carpets and rope lifts will take you up the mountain. Far away from the action normally found on the piste, you can take your time and consider your first ride down the piste under the watchful eye of a well-trained ski and snowboard instructor.

We're presenting a selection of ski areas to you here, all of which offer the right conditions for beginners, like a large selection of blue pistes, a special beginners area, and a good ski school.

Ski areas for beginners - wide and easy pistes!
Ski areas for beginners - wide and easy pistes!

Why Start Skiing?

Sure, learning how to ski is a bit expensive. However, there are so many reasons why you should take on this challenge. The first starts as soon as you arrive in resort and see the mountains for the first time. The next morning, you wake up and see that it's snowed! When being one of the first skiers on the piste, you get to see your trail behind you in the fresh snow, all the while enjoying the fresh mountain air in your face. Afterwards, it's off to eat a nice, hot meal in a ski hut, where you can just sit in the sun and take in the amazing views all around you. Is that enough incentive?

Finding the Right Beginner Ski Area

When searching for beginner-friendly ski areas for your ski holiday, you should keep an eye out for easy ski areas that have a majority of blue pistes, which you can practice on. Blue pistes aren't very steep and are wide enough to turn on. Moreover, a quiet ski area for is great for beginners so that you can really use up the space available and keep an eye on the overall situation. We offer a Ski Resort Finder on our website, which helps you find the perfect ski area just for you – whether it be in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or France.

Beginner Ski Holiday: What Should I Know?

As most beginners usually don't have their own equipment, many resorts have equipment hire and ski lessons that you can additionally book, allowing you to be perfectly prepared for fun on the piste. Sun protection is often a factor quickly forgotten during winter holidays - and it's a crying shame! Sunscreen, as well as ski goggles or sunglasses, should always be on hand. With these provisions and the right ski area, nothing should go wrong - good luck!