Ski holidays with dog - dog-friendly ski hotels & holiday accommodations

Does this sound familiar to you? A well-deserved holiday is right around the corner, you're brimming with excitement, but one thing is still uncertain: what should I do with my dog? If you'd prefer to take your dog with you on holiday, then our offers here will allow you to spend a few days with your four-legged friend. Book one of our dog-friendly hotels, where man's best friend will feel right at home - even while you're out on the piste! Afterwards, go for a walk together and watch your furry friend let off some steam in the snow.

Ski holidays with dog - dog-friendly ski hotels & holiday accommodations
Ski holidays with dog - dog-friendly ski hotels & holiday accommodations

Dog-friendly Accommodations

Dog owners have to be a bit more particular when searching for an accommodation than travellers without pets. Naturally, when going on a ski holiday with your dog, your accommodation should allow permit you to bring them with you. Furthermore, it's important to check if the price of the dog-friendly accommodation includes your dog or if there are additional costs that need to be considered while in resort. Oftentimes, the price only includes the actual lodging of your dog and not additional services, such as food - this should really be discussed with the accommodation before taking your dog to the mountains. Another important question to clear up before you go: Are dogs allowed to stay in the room alone during the day? When considering accommodations, it would also be worth keeping an eye out for accommodations directly on the piste. Families in particular who are travelling with children and their dog(s) will really benefit from the short distance.

Dog Owners: Don't Forget!

Should you be going on holiday with your dog, you'll have to be prepared to produce a few "documents". Included in those documents is animal identification, of which will help identify and assign your dog to you. Identification is usually in the form of a tag on their collar or an electronic, implanted chip. Additionally, you'll also need an obligatory EU pet passport, in which important information about your dog can be found, such as which vaccinations they've received. The passport can be purchased for a small fee from your veterinarian. Along with these "documents", some countries require that dogs be leashed and wear a muzzle. Should you be arriving by car, your dog will have to be properly secured. This would especially include a doggy seatbelt or a transport carrier.

Pet Sitters For Your Ski Holiday

Those going on a ski holiday with their dog who are still looking to enjoy the pistes should figure out ahead of time how their dog will be cared for while they're gone. Some dogs don't seem to mind being left alone in their room every now and then. However, this should be discussed with the accommodation in advance. Some dog-friendly hotels won't permit this due to safety reasons. Should you not wish to take your dog up on the mountain with you, you could consider pet sitter. Sometimes, you can organise this directly with the accommodation, but costs will always be a factor to consider. Ideally, and of course the best option for your dog, would be to take them with you up on the mountain. When travelling with a larger group, there is sure to be one or two non-skiers who would be glad to watch your dog for you and take them out for a romp in the snow.

Winter Holiday are Treats for Dogs

Even when you're not on the piste, a winter holiday is surely a real treat for both you and your dog. Which dog doesn't love to run through the forest with their favourite person and play in the snow? Enjoy nature with your favourite four-legged friend in front of dreamy mountain landscapes during your next winter holiday! Our dog-friendly hotels and apartments, whether it be Austria, Germany, or France, are excited to meet you and your furry friend.