Family holidays - skiing with children!

It's a new experience every time: winter holidays with the kids. Whether you're skiing, hiking through the snow, or tobogganing - the mountains during the winter months are incredibly enchanting for travellers of all ages. Those going on a ski holiday with their children will be sure to bring a special twinkle to their eyes, ensuring that this holiday won't be quickly forgotten.

The great thing about a winter holiday with the family

A ski holiday with the family has plenty of lovely elements. Skiing is a sporting activity that also happens to be tons of fun! Oftentimes, you'll first notice just how much you've done that day in the evening. Particularly now, in times where technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives, a week's ski holiday with the kids works wonders! After a long day of skiing, both kids and parents are fairly exhausted, but happy and well-balanced. That really helps your physical and mental fitness. Parents also appreciate the great child care services found in most ski areas. Ski schools are on all accounts perfectly designed for family ski holidays and offer diverse all-day care, during which the kids learn to ski in fun ways. A tip for parents: Use this opportunity to enjoy your holiday as a couple for a little while and free your mind from the everyday hustle and bustle of family life. A ski holiday with the entire family strengthens your bond and provides unforgettable childhood memories of time well spent with loved ones, surrounded by white mountains in an enchanting winter wonderland.

Find the right offer for families

A ski holiday with the kids shouldn't have to cost a fortune. Almost all accommodations offer reductions for children. Lift passes for young children are also oftentimes cheaper than the adult lift passes. In some ski areas, children's lift passes come free with the purchase of an adult lift pass. When choosing the right accommodation, the entire family should keep their eyes open for an accommodation near the lift. Hotels that are located directly on the piste are especially designed for ski holidays with children. This way, you can save time by not having to drive your car or ride in the bus, so that you can quickly come back to your accommodation when the kids get hungry or cold. Speaking of accommodation – which one is designed for families? Both hotels and apartments have their benefits. When staying in a hotel, you don't have to worry about anything and can therefore enjoy your holiday without needing to cook or clean. When staying in an apartment, families can appreciate the private, familiar atmosphere. You can also cook and play together. What's more is that self-catering apartments are usually more affordable than hotels.

What should families keep in mind when planning a ski holiday?

When skiing with children and with your family, there are a few things to keep in mind. As children love to run around in the snow, often falling down every now and then, their snow suit will surely be soaking wet by the end of the day. Parents should therefore make sure that the suit dries overnight before heading back outside, or even pack a second snow suit to alternate every day. Parents should also be sure to bring enough thermal underwear for their little ones. Don't forget to take a backpack with you on the piste - it's important to stay hydrated and re-energize with a snack every now and then. If there's enough room, you could even take a towel and dry socks with you. Now nothing can stand in the way of your family ski holiday!

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