Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding your ski holiday. They are chronologically ordered from searching for and booking the perfect ski holiday, from arrival to the return journey.

1. Search and Book

  • How do I find the perfect holiday?
    If you have a date in mind for your ski holiday, use the search engine Search & Book. This will allow you to search for holidays by specifying the destination you wish to visit and the number of people in your group. Alternatively you have the opportunity to search using our Holiday Categories or Last Minute Deals. If you are rather looking for a week's party and fun on the piste for next to nothing, then you might be interested in our Events.
  • What types of accommodation are there and how do they differentiate?
  • How can I book a holiday?
  • Is the lift pass included?
  • Is it beneficial to book ski/snowboard equipment or lessons in advance?
  • What types of reductions exist?
  • How last-minute can I book?
  • What does it mean to book "on request"?
  • How can I redeem one or several gift vouchers?
  • When and how can I pay for the holiday?
  • I've already booked. Can I still book additional services?
  • Can I book a two-week holiday?
  • How do I find an accommodation suitable for disabled travellers and wheelchairs?
  • Can I book a holiday as a minor?
  • Is my data secured or encrypted?

2. Cancelling the Holiday

  • How can I cancel my booked holiday?
  • How can I avoid cancellation fees?
  • Does it make sense to book travel insurance (incl. cancellation insurance)?
  • How do I make a claim on my travel insurance (incl. cancellation insurance)?

3. Before Your Holiday Begins

  • What do I have to pay attention to when travelling abroad (passports, visa and health)?
  • When and how will I receive the final travel documents?
  • Do I have to bring bed linen/towels?
  • How are the kitchenettes in the apartments equipped?
  • What should I take on holiday? Is there a packing list?

4. Outward Journey and Arrival

  • I have booked a self-drive holiday. Will I receive directions to the resort?
  • What travel possibilities are offered?
  • What is the latest that I can check into the accommodations?
  • How can I use the day of arrival to the fullest?

5. In Resort

  • Do I have to pay a tourist tax?
  • Can I pay the apartment's deposit in cash or by credit card?
  • When do I get the deposit back?
  • Are ski or snowboard lessons offered?
  • In which languages are ski and snowboard lessons offered?
  • What type of board is offered?
  • I have booked board as an additional service. Where are the meals served?

6. Departure and Return Journey

  • When is check-out?
  • Can I ski on the day of departure?
  • How does the departure take place?

7. General Questions

  • What is the Best-Price-Guarantee?
  • What is the Snow Guarantee?
  • What are the accommodations that are called "Breakfast Pension plus resort name"?
  • What does "value price" mean when combined with a room/accommodation name?
  • What do the abbreviations SC, BB, HB, FB, AI and shower/wc mean?

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